Guitar Amps and Cabs
Axe Fx II
Kemper Profiling Amp
Mesa Boogie Roadster
Peavey 6505+
EVH 5150 III
Orange OR15
Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 18w
Vox Nightrain 15W
Vox AC15 1x12
Badcat Cougar 15
Egnator Tweaker 20W
Egnator 50 W Head Custom Built (By ME)
Blackstar HT-5
VHT Special 16
Mesa Rectifier Cab 2x12
Avatar 2x12 (G12K-100)
Nightrain Cab (1x12 Greenback)
Marshall Class 5 Combo

(Please Notify me ahead of time if you would like to use one of the guitars listed below. May not be possible in some circumstances as it might be in use by another artist)
Ernie Ball Music Man JP6
Ernie Ball Luke III
Custom Carvin 7 string (BKP Aftermaths)
PRS SE 22 (Screamin Demon B / Jazz N)
Black Limba SG (BKP P90 Nantucket)
Gibson Les Paul Studio (Pearly Gates B)
Gibson SG Special (Handwound Seymour Duncan P90’s)
ESP/LTD Stef 8 - 8 String (Lace Deathbucker / Lace Alumitone)
ESP/LTD 203 (Dominion B / Cruiser M / Area 61 N)
ESP/LTD EC-401 (Distortion / 59)
ESP/LTD PB - 401 (Dual Seymour Duncan P-Rail)
ESP/LTD AW-7 - 7 string (DiMarzio D-Activators)
BC RichZoltan Bathory (Drop A#) (DiMarzio D-Activators)
Schecter Hellraiser (EMG 81x B - 85x N)
Schecter ATX - 7 String (Blackouts)
Epiphone Joe Pass Signature
Handmade Stratocaster (JB B - SSL - 5 M and N)
Handmade Tele (Hot Rail B)
Fender Tele (Dimarzio Area T)
Ibanez Apex 100 - 7 String
RGA7 (Crunch Lab and Liquifire)
SX (Invader)
Ibanez RG5EX1 (Tone ZoneB / Air Zone N)

Marin HD-35 (Vintage)
Taylor 210cc
Handmade Classical
Vintage Classical
Mini Martin


Pedals Tons of pedals from vintage chandler to Strymon and HBE.